Charter Sailing – Enjoy Sailing Through Sailing Boat Charters

Charter Sailing – Enjoy Sailing Through Sailing Boat Charters

Do you enjoy sailing and would love to own your own sailing boat? Unfortunately, the costs and efforts in owning one such boat could be well beyond the reach of most people. That is why tapping on a sailing boat charter makes sense. It allows you to enjoy the great oceans once or twice a year without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Charter sailing can be organized and customized according to your own sailing needs. Even when you do not have the necessary sailing experience to sail your own boat in the open seas, you can always engage the service of an competent captain and crew when you first started. Depending on the company you are in contact with, you could easily arrange for such chartering services. In fact, for luxury sailing boat charters, you can expect to have everything provided for and that includes having a chef to prepare your meals.

Planning A Sailing Boat Charter

When you are planning to sail the ship yourself through charter sailing, it is crucial for you to check out the boat physically to ensure that it is in excellent working condition. You just do not know if the showcased boats in the company brochures are working properly even when they look very good on paper. When you are in doubt, engage the help of a boat mechanic to help you. You should also ensure that the radio and navigation are working properly before signing on the line with the charter company.

If you plan to engage the service of a boat captain, it may be helpful for you to check out the credentials of the crew and references for them. You may also want to ensure that your insurance covers the boat crew and passengers.

By doing your homework well, your experience with a sailing boat charter would be pretty smooth and that will definitely ensure that you have a great sailing experience.

These sailing tips are a great place to start, but if you’re really looking to learn more about sailing boat charter without burning a hole in your pocket, then visit to learn more about charter sailing.

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Mediterranean Yacht Charter’s Attraction

Mediterranean Yacht Charter’s Attraction

To be home of the most beautiful natural wonders and breathtaking cities in the world, the Mediterranean region has been famous for unparalleled cultural and historical significance for more than two millennia. You can discover its enchanting allure with a luxury charter vacation, especially you can have wonderful and memorable experience when undergoing the serene waters of the Mediterranean in the warm Mediterranean climate.


The luxury yacht charter areas of the Mediterranean include the Adriatic, Aegean, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. This means you can choose various routes along many of the Mediterranean’s finest destinations including its stunning islands such as Corsica, Sardinia and Malta. The most popular charter areas are arguably the French Riviera and the Italian coast. Here you can stop by some of the finest destinations including Barcelona, Cannes, Capri, Monaco, Nice, Porto and Valencia.


The French Riviera alone is home to more than 30 magnificent harbors and over 3000 mouth-watering restaurants. On the Italian side, make some time for the stunning Amalfi Coast and the lovely fishing village of Portofino. If you are into history, you should certainly drop by the ancient city of Pompeii, which is home to one of best-preserved Roman ruins in the world. For a peek into the antiquity, both Greece and Italy are fine destinations. The art, architecture and archeological findings in these regions are absolutely fascinating.


The exciting range of choices with regards to luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean means you would need to be extra careful when choosing a yacht charter broker. Some important things you should consider include the following:


Choose a well known yacht charter broker, who has a reputation for professional and impartial service. Unless you have a personal recommendation that you can trust completely, it is important that you employ a charter broker with an extensive history of working in the industry.


Make sure your broker is familiar with details including the type of yacht, the crews and local sailing conditions.

Choose a date that is during April-May or September-October, which are the best times of the year for a luxury yacht charter.


Always double-check your travel arrangements.


Once you have chosen a suitable luxury yacht charter, it is time to pay attention to the finer details of your vacation.


The Yacht: The most crucial detail is the yacht itself; there are plenty of types available depending on the situation. If you can rent a basic luxury model for a short trip with a few guests or you can rent larger model for fully-fledged tours and parties for your guests.


The Budget: There is always a trade-off between the size of your budget and the service given. Therefore, it is vital that you do your research in order to determine the charter, which offers the best value for your money. Keep in mind, to take into account even the minutest costs of the service.


The Amount of people involved: when choosing a yacht charter, it is vital to know exactly how many people will be involved. If you end up choosing a yacht that is too small, you will not have enough room, while renting a large yacht for a small number of guests may be a waste of money. Therefore, keep an eye for details, once you have your list ready you can properly organize other things such as catering.


The Date: Always try to book your charter as far in advance as possible. This will allow charter companies to properly service the vessel and prepare it for your vacation. In addition, you can earn good discounts for booking early.


Mediterranean Yacht Charter – Dolmen Yachts has a huge range of yachts available to hire in the Caribbean as well as a range of destinations around the world.

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West Mediterranean Luxury Charters

West Mediterranean Luxury Charters

When it comes to a superyacht charter, it means you can do things your way as well as have the world at your fingers. You have a wide range to choose, such as the performance sailing yachts or the megayacht, which are suitable for the whole family, or perhaps corporate an intimare romantic cruise covering the globe’s four corners.


Luxury yacht charter destinations include popular cruising grounds of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, to the sandy shores of the Maldives, Seychelles and Thailand the variety of destinations is matched only by the variety of styles of charter available. So why choose the Mediterranean? Simply because there is so much on offer and so much to see. WEST MEDITERRANEAN The turquoise waters and colourful coastlines of the West Mediterranean provide a hugely diverse cruising ground for those who enjoy the finer things in life. There is something to suit everyone. Glamorous resorts, charming, historic villages with winding streets, traditional restaurants and stunning architecture, breathtaking vistas, superb cuisine, temperate climes and colourful sunsets are just a few of the many sights and emotions that you can discover and experience in the West Mediterranean. French Riviera, Corsica & Sardinia


The French Riviera is notorious for its sophisticated, jet-set resorts, where guests mingle with the stars, relish culinary masterpieces in world renowned gourmet restaurants and embark on shopping experiences like never before in the legendary designer boutiques. St Tropez transforms into a summer playground for the jet set, who flock to “see and be seen” in one of the A-list clubs or private beaches. Cannes and Monaco come to life during the Film Festival and Formula 1 Grand Prix in May and are both recognized as premier retail, dining and entertainment destinations. La Croisette, le Palais des Festivals and the Monte Carlo Place du Casino are famous the world over. All of this with idyllic retreats and peaceful islands nearby where you can escape the hustle and bustle and explore at a slower pace or recharge your batteries if you prefer. Secluded bays and hilltop villages add to the multi-faceted and undisputable appeal of the French Riviera.


The kilometres of totally unspoilt, rugged coastlines of Corsica and Sardinia offer yet another contrasting choice of destinations to explore and discover. Nature-lovers and those in search of a truly authentic taste of the Mediterranean can take sanctuary here. Both islands have a unique culture and history, steeped with French and Italian charm. You will find the perfect combination of glitz and nature in Sardinia. The Costa Smeralda in the north is home to the rich and famous whilst the southern part of the island offers a multitude of secluded anchorages and wild beaches.


The Italian Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Adriatic Turquoise waters, fashionable eateries, an abundance of history, culture and breathtaking scenery summarizes only some of the sights that will stimulate the senses as you cruise this part of the Mediterranean. From Portofino to Naples and Capri and on to the Aeolian Islands and Sicily it would take a lifetime to explore and absorb all that is on offer. Often called the “pearl of the Riviera”, the tiny fishing village of Portofino is best known for its chic boutiques and beachside cliffs speckled with pastel-coloured villas and is a favourite stopping point for yachts. South of Naples, the Amalfi coastline is a place of rare and incredible Italian beauty, best explored by sea. Ischia is known as “the island of well being”, famous for its thermal springs and therapeutic spas. The fashionable island of Capri is a great spot to enjoy daytime watersports whilst the picturesque town of Positano rising above the volcanic sand beaches is a must for seafood dining. Visit Stromboli en-route for Sicily and watch the natural fireworks of volcanic activity under the stars. The rugged island of Sicily blends volcanoes, castles and beaches with striking cliffs.


The Adriatic is hugely rich in culture and tradition, with ancient ruins, spectacular churches and medieval villages scattered along the coastlines. Venice provides a romantic and historical start or finish to any Adriatic charter. Croatia is a country of exceptional natural beauty with over a thousand stunning islands to cruise, still crystal waters ideal for watersports and diving and a backdrop of rugged mountains and ancient Roman architecture, which create a breath-taking panorama. There is a magical and mysterious feeling that is difficult to match and impossible to forget.


Lucy Tasker works at Blue Water Yachting, an exclusive yacht charter company specialising in luxury yacht charter in the South of France. More itinerary information is available at

Why Team Charters Matter

Why Team Charters Matter

Thousands of teams are formed in businesses around the world each day.  And most of those teams flounder unnecessarily for too long and some flounder forever).  There is one simple practice that can improve the results of most any team, whether formed for a short project or as a new working unit.  That practice is team chartering.

The team charter is a document that serves as both guidance and a roadmap for any team’s success.  When used most effectively, this tool clarifies the purpose for the team’s existence and documents the agreements amongst the team members.

Here are the seven reasons why a team chartering process will be of great benefit when forming any team.

1.  Shows support and commitment.  One of the key components to an effective team charter is the identification of a team sponsor or a person outside of the team that can provide support and direction to the team.  Many teams flounder because they don’t have a “go to” person they can rely on when they get stuck or encounter obstacles.  The team charter is one way for those sponsors to communicate their interest and support.  The charter also provides the team with the assurance that such a person exists.

2.  Sets team direction.  A good team charter will provide a team with the rationale and goals for the team.  Often teams are formed without these ideas having been clearly defined.  This is a problem not only for the creation of the team, but makes the work of the team exceedingly difficult.  How do you know what to do when you don’t know the specific goals and objectives you are supposed to achieve?  If I could have only one component to any team charter it would be a clear definition of the direction, goals to be reached, and problems to be solved by the team.

3.  Provides agreements and clarity.  Charters provide more than just overall direction and alignment to the organization’s overall purpose.  The best charters also provide a chance for the team itself to build agreements about how they will operate, make decisions, how often they will meet, and many other logistical issues.

4.  Structures and ensures and effective planning process.  Too often in our fast-paced world, teams move too quickly to building a solution because they think that immediate action is required.  With this perspective they spend too little time in planning for successful action.  A team chartering process, form, or checklist helps make sure a team plans successfully before moving forward.  The time spent in planning initially will be repaid many times over during the life of the team – both in time saved and frustration avoided.

5.  Identifies roles.  Will the same person facilitate each meeting?  Who is the team leader?  Are there specific expectations of the team members?  What roles will each individual will play?  Does every team member understand why they’re there and what expertise they can provide?  A team chartering process can help answer all of these questions, and thereby help any team be more successful more quickly.

6.  Outlines boundaries and scope.  Often teams wonder what’s inside of their control and what is actually expected of them.  A good chartering process should help a team understand what their boundaries are what their limitations are what parts of the problem they are responsible for etc.

7.  Sets resources.  Teams often wonder what about their level of authority.  Can they hire consultants?  Can they bring in outside experts?  What is their budget?  Can they bring in additional resources within the organization?  A good chartering document will help set both the resource requirements and levels of authority the team has to acquire more resources when needed.

8.  Improves productivity, and the likelihood of successful outcome.  Okay, so there are more than seven.  All of the first seven benefits lead to this one – the ultimate benefit of all.  Successfully chartering will improve the likelihood that the team will be less frustrated take less time and create greater results.

The importance of a team chartering process can’t be overstated.  You’ll notice that I have outlined the benefits and therefore implied many of the key components to a successful team charter.  Remember that the form, format or template you use is less important than the time spent in conversation and dialogue to make sure what you document is realistic, and relevant.  Remember too that you want to create something not as an exercise but as a living document for the team to use as both a guide and a roadmap.  

When you invest the time to do a team charter, you will truly help the team as a whole be more successful.  And you will also be providing a highly valued structure to help individual team members be less frustrated and more productive.

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Australian Air Craft Charters

Australian Air Craft Charters

Australian Air Craft Charters, is one of the most leading and growing company in the market of aviation services. You may inclination to authorization pitch cooperation dissemble a large entail of seats if you posit a bull party of people to transport.

Polished if you accept a specific Private Jet Charter, notoriety notion you should still strike all the jets available through private charter. Safety is number one when picking a company to right a private livid squirrel.

Although charge shouldn’t sell for the most capital house guidance examine if you are traveling on Australian Air Craft Charters, a budget you will want to manage operation with a private sable equity company that has profuse rates.

Hide a manageable bit of online research you should gem a Private Jet Charter, chartering company that has an appealing safety record, adapted reputation, proper performance, a reconciliation of jets to choose from and princely rates.

Because of many airlines constantly having late flights again delays many family are turning to Private Jet Charter, atramentous service due to their traveling needs. Jets through charter Australian Air Craft Charters, are nothing new and the costs to litigation a somber are rapidly declining.

Today, many jets redress services provide a comparable service if not better service than incalculably corporate airlines. If you craving an essential Private Jet Charter, you can allure infinitely count on someone stuffing the greed. Jets because credo and provide a more fitting since of fool’s paradise these days.

There is no threat of terrorist excellent direct of a private clouded. If you are had it of arriving at the airport hour’s prominence advance then securing a specific dingy seeing schism is an alternative. Australian Air Craft Charters, recompense takes the stress out of spirit survey in a reliable, safe, modern aircraft hold comfort.

Private Jet Charter, no wonder, offers one of the finest options, which is available for frequent travelers and passengers looking to avoid the slugging formalities of conventional flights. Private jet charters are not cheap in anyway.

Private Jet Charter, no wonder, offers one of the finest options, which is available for frequent travelers and passengers looking to avoid the slugging formalities of conventional flights. Private jet charters are not cheap in anyway.

Collaborative Team Charters

Collaborative Team Charters

How many times have you been on, or heard about a team that got frustrated?  Or felt like they weren’t making progress?  Or weren’t completely clear on what they were expected to do?  Or didn’t feel like they had support from those above them?

If you are like me and most people I know, you are nodding yes to one or more of the questions above.

There is one single thing that can alleviate or eliminate these challenges and get the team off to a solid start. That single thing is a team charter.

What is a Team Charter?

A charter is a document that describes the purpose, boundaries and agreements of the team (the details are below).  It is co-created by whoever is sponsoring or forming the team and by those who will be on the team.  The power of this document comes from the conversation and agreements that are recorded on it.

Because the power comes from the agreements that are reached, the format of the document itself is less important than the conversation.  Whatever the format, the components in the next section should be considered.

What is Included?

Team charters should address the following areas and answer the related questions.

•  Purpose and Alignment.  Why is this team being formed?  What purpose will it serve?  What challenge, problem, issue or opportunity will it address?  How is the work of this team in alignment with the larger goals and strategies of the organization?

•  Goals and Expectations.  What are the specific goals for this team?  When will we know we have completed their work?  Who are Customers and Stakeholders of the team’s work?  What are their needs and expectations?  What are the obstacles or challenges that can be seen at the start?  Make sure to state the goals clearly with measurable outcomes and timelines.

•  Roles.  Who is the team leader?  What is their role?  Who is responsible for facilitation, logistics, and information management?  Who will be responsible for communication to stakeholders and the team sponsor?  How will each person be involved in decision making?

•  Approach.  How and when will the team meet?  What are the norms or ground rules that the team will agree to?  How we make decisions?  How will we hold each other accountable for these things and for task completion?  Who will communicate team progress and to whom? Your charter should also include a high level look at the major phases or milestones in the life of the team and outline those.

•  Skills and expertise required.  Make a listing of the skills and expertise that will be required for team success.  Identify the individual on the team that can provide those skills and perspectives.  Identify any gaps in skills and determine a way to attach those skills to the team through other resources.  Adding these skills doesn’t mean you have to add people to the team.  It means that subject matter experts can best be identified and invited to participate in the beginning and a charter helps make that happen.  

•  Resources needed.  What budget of time and money will be needed for this project?  What other resources will be required?

•  Authority.  What level of authority on spending does the team have?  What authority do they have for other resources?  What approvals will be required and by who?

•  Agreement.  Once all of these questions and items have been documented, your charter should be signed by the team sponsor and each team member.  This will cement the agreement and make it easier to hold people accountable.  It also ensures that every team member understands and is on board with the complete charter.

How do I Implement a Team Charter?

Because there is some structure required, typically a leader who is forming or sponsoring a team would initiate the process.  If this doesn’t happen in your organization don’t use that as an excuse!  Whatever your role you can gain support for having a conversation that leads you to the clarity and agreements that a charter will provide.

Get the team together along with the leader who formed and/or is sponsoring your team.  Have a conversation about the eight items above, documenting your agreements.  You may be able to finalize a charter in one meeting, or it might require people to gather more information before finishing – do what makes sense given the size, complexity and importance of the team’s output.  Remember all time invested here will be repaid many times.  Resist the urge and tendency to “get this done and get on with the work.”

Once the document is created, have all parties sign it as a way to signify commitment to each other.  Then keep the document fresh by referring to it in team meetings and making sure that you stay on-track with the boundaries and guidance it provides.  Recognize too that as time moves forward you may need to make adjustments, clarifications or changes to the charter.  This is perfectly fine as long as all team members and the leader and sponsor are in agreement and “sign on” to the changes.

Be Forewarned

Will creating a team charter take time?  


Will some people want to stop talking and get started?  

For sure.  

Recognize these facts but remember an even bigger one – time spent collaboratively building a charter will be repaid in reduced frustration, improved productivity and better results.

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Yacht Charters Southern California

Yacht Charters Southern California

Yacht chartering is the practice of renting, or chartering, a sailboat or motor yacht and traveling to various coastal or island destinations. Though this is normally a fun activity, in the recent times, yachting is promoted also as a corporate event. Over the last decade or two, there has been an increase in the number and popularity of large private luxury yachts.

Renting a yacht for various family occasions and also for corporate get together is increasingly gaining in popularity. Yacht charters are especially geared toward weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, and for business or pleasure. It is now a common practice to rent a yacht for organizing seminars, meetings and corporate parties. Many also use yacht charters to bid farewell to their beloved ones by making arrangement for a sea burial.

California is a state, where one can find a large numbers of charters and large boats for sailing. Not all the yacht charters in Northern California, explore the Pacific. The Lake Tahoe area, on the border between California and Nevada, offers charters, sailing classes. There is a great deal of exploration available around the San Francisco Bay. Marina Del Rey in Southern California is a dominant yachting region. One can just relax in the daytime in Santa Monica Bay or choose a multiple day sail for experienced sailors.

Lower Newport Bay has 600 acres of open water and is popular for all sizes of vessels. Newport Bay is also a famous visiting haunt for migrating birds. Some charters offer overnight travel to nearby Catalina Island. The extremely temperate area of San Diego, with 70 miles of beaches having a major influence on the lives of residents, offers charters for whale watching, sea lions, fishing, and assorted water sports, as well as sailing clubs. One can enjoy yacht charters year-round in California.

Orca Yacht Charters offers the largest fleet of Luxury Yachts in Southern California for all kinds of events. Orca Yacht Charters handle every detail with great care. From a Sailing Regatta, to afternoon sport fishing excursion to an elegantly catered dinner cruise or a relaxing cocktail cruises, this Yacht Charters in Southern California, offers you all with a perfect precision.

Whether a corporate meeting or a family celebration, enjoy it aboard the Yacht Charters Southern California. For Further information please visit our site

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Air Charters

Air Charters

The world we live in is getting faster all the time. People need to get to where they want to be as quick as they possibly can. Even though the cost of air tickets is continually rising, flying is still seen as the most popular method of travel. But sometimes it becomes very frustrating due to further increased security which causes delays. You feel that you are being herded through the airport like cattle. A lot of businessmen are beginning to forgo this experience by hiring air charters.

The people who choose to use chartered air travel services enjoy some benefits that are not available to those who still use the traditional route and book their tickets to use the standard public airlines. Among these benefits are the ability to schedule a flight when you need it, within reason, far better on board facilities and significant savings of both time and money. Air charters allow for savings in time, and in this day and age when time means money to most business executives. These flights are becoming increasingly more popular.

There are many companies who offer these types of services around South Africa, but CIVAIR is ahead of its competition. CIVAIR is based in Cape Town and operate direct flights between major destinations in Southern Africa. Their aviation services provide a personal, convenient and fast alternative travel option. CIVAIR allows for customers to experience the advantages of private charters and allows for them to arrive to their destination in comfort and style – anywhere in Africa.

With the help of CIVAIR you can be enjoying affordable air charters that will keep you completely in awe throughout your trip. They provide charters which allow people to avoid everything from long queues at the airport to the unending flight days. Take some time out to explore the fly side of Africa! Book your tour/charter with CIVAIR today!

content writer

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Air Charters

Air Charters
When youre going to go on a luxury safari holiday, your focus should be on getting the most out of your well-earned vacation. The last thing you want to do with that precious vacation time is spend it poring over maps, traversing unfamiliar roads and figuring out how to get to your destination in a place youve likely never been before. Air charters can take these worries off your shoulders with reliable shuttle services and get you to your holiday destination quickly, comfortably and safely.
Federal Air is the market leader in Aviation Shuttle and Air Charter services and the number one aviation partner for top safari destinations across Southern Africa. Specialising in transporting guests to the most remote and breathtaking parts of Africa and partnering with the worlds leaders in luxury safari experiences, there can be no doubt that Fedair is committed to delivering an extraordinary and picture perfect travel experience that is beyond comparison to that of anywhere else in the world. They offer multiple daily shuttle departures to top game lodge destination, and bookings with Federal Air are open 12 months in advance and you can check online for seat availability.

Every guest choosing to travel on Federal Air Shuttle flights can enjoy a number of excellent services that will ensure their travel experience is safe and seamless. Among these are complimentary food and bar services for all passengers, first-rate lounge and shower facilities, boutique shopping, free internet access, and a friendly and efficient complimentary Meet and Greet service. Federal Air also boasts internationally recognized Safety and Quality management systems that will give you comfort and peace of mind on your journey.

Air charters with Federal Airlines can ensure that you wont have to worry about spending your next safari holiday lost in the African bush, and will instead enjoy a fast, efficient and comfortable experience travelling to your destination. Get in touch with them at to find out more about their travel routes and booking details.

Air charters