Theoretical Look At the Project Charter

Theoretical Look At the Project Charter

Before starting on a significant project, you’ll have to do a lot of paperwork like filling various forms, making various documents etc. The most important paperwork that you’ll come across will be the project charter paperwork. This form should state the guidelines of the project and should be created to be used by all the participants of the project. The project charter should contain the objectives that are to be attained by the project & the milestones that have to be achieved during the timeline of the project. The project charter should also contain information about the management & organization of the project. One of the major components of the project charter is the execution plan. Make sure to insert the execution plan of your project in the project charter.

To give you a theoretical overview, the article will now provide you a brief theoretical image of a project charter. A typical project charter consists of 3 portions. The first portion provides a brief overview of the whole project. The second portion consists of your approach towards the project i.e. how do you plan to complete the project or what is going to be the process of project completion. The third portion is the section where you can acquire approvals. It is for all the signatures needed to acquire approval for the project.  Let’s discuss each section in detail.

The first section should depict the scope and vision of the project in consideration.  You should state quite clearly the reason you are carrying this project out and the result you expect to achieve from the project. The first section should also consist of a sub section that defines the objectives and the goals of the project. This gives a better project view to all the participants of the project and enables them to understand what is expected of the project and what scope they have to work within.

The second section is also known as the section of approach and defines how you are going to achieve your vision. In this section you are going to mention the milestones throughout the timeline of the project. This section should clearly list down the resources that you will require during the project.

The third section is the most critical of all the sections. This section will consist of all the supporters of the project which include the major and minor supporter. Representatives from all the supporters need to sign the section to declare official approval for carrying out the project.

Now that you have basic required information about a project charter, you can easily start making your own!

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